"Meet my niece, Adrienne!"








Adrienne Ross is the author of #AuntAlma: Raisin' a Little Heaven on Earth. Initially, she simply shared her aunt's witty words on Facebook, but a demand for more of #AuntAlma came, and that's how the book was birthed. #AuntAlma speaks, people laugh--and that's the point. The world could use more humor, and this book provides it.

Adrienne is also an editor, public/motivational speaker, columnist, online radio show host, former teacher and coach, and now an author.
She has been a speaker and panelist at churches, youth events, school assemblies, and political functions, and has written for politicians, public figures, newspapers, and websites.

Adrienne owns Adrienne Ross Communications, through which she is available for booking for speaking events, book signings, and public appearances. Visit www.adriennerosscom.com for more information or email her at adriennerosscom@gmail.com.