#AuntAlma’s 79th Birthday

Today is #AuntAlma’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Auntie!

So what is my aunt doing on this her 79th birthday? Well, when I spoke to her earlier, she was at the vet’s office. She loves those two dogs, Shirley and Tiny, and she takes good care of them. Good thing because they need it; they are about as high-maintenance as animals could be.

I told her to be sure to eat cake, and as if she lives in a remote part of the world, rather than over-populated, wall-to-wall business-laden New York City, she asked, “Where am I going to get cake?” My response was something like, “Take your pick of places, Auntie.”

In any case, she had not even opened the box I sent her with her birthday present in it, which arrived almost a week ago. She said she’ll get to it during one of her three birthdays. If you read my book #AuntAlma: Raisin’ a Little Hell Heaven on Earth, you understand!

So how is #AuntAlma? Well, today’s featured quote sums it up: “Today’s my birthday. That’s 79 years down. The way I figure it, I’ve got at least 71 to go.” Yep, if you read the book, another thing you know is that she expects to make it to 150. So I’d say she’s doing rather well.


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