Max Thornton

Yahoo…..I have my very own! Thank you, Adrienne Ross!



#AuntAlma said WHAT?!?!


Donna Hoy

Guess what I’m going to be doing today Adrienne? LAUGHING of course, thanks to my new ‪#‎AuntAlma‬ book! Have a great day….I know I surely will.


Nicki Scroggin

I got my #AuntAlma book! Adrienne Ross, one of my favorite writers, is now a published author! How cool is that??!! I had to read it from cover to cover, the day that it arrived, and I can’t remember a time when I have ever laughed so hard for so long!! I had tears rolling […]


Melodie Potter

Oh yes, look out Maxine cause this lady has got some sass!! lol Received my copy the other day and kudos to you, Adrienne Ross. I love it! She’s a trip! hahaha Congratulations and well done my sistah! Time for a coffee mug.


Ronald Vertilus

Our copy of #AuntAlma by Adrienne Ross. I enjoyed reading it; take it from a guy who does not like to read.


Julie Coryell

Adrienne Ross, congratulations on the publication of your book! Aunt Alma is my new role model. I might even have to start wearing hats.


Maria Suttmeier

Proud to have a copy of your newly published book in my office! A past HCSD English teacher has become an author! -Maria Suttmeier, superintendent of the Hudson City School District