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#AuntAlma Unleashed: Old, Bold, and Out of Control

By Adrienne Ross

#AuntAlma is common sense, comedy, and a little bit of crazy!

#AuntAlma is back with more side-splitting quips and quotations. Prepare to laugh as she tackles such topics as young adults, growing old, difficult people, and more. Nothing is off-limits, and no one is exempt from her sharp tongue and quick wit. She is a combination of common sense, comedy, and a little bit of crazy! You will find yourself asking, “#AuntAlma said what?” The answer is, “You heard right!” Enjoy conversations with the author’s lovable, feisty real aunt, Alma Ross, and learn the stories behind what she says in her southern dialect combined with New York speech and spunk. #AuntAlma Unleashed comes on the heels of the first #AuntAlma book, #AuntAlma: Raisin’ a Little Hell Heaven on Earth. The first book gave a taste of #AuntAlma. This one serves up a full-course meal. #AuntAlma holds nothing back in this book filled with colorful illustrations, engaging stories, and hilarious quotations. Indeed, she is “Old, Bold, and Out of Control.”

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